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Jul 8, 2013 5:00pm EDT
more energy break it down, your metabolism is working faster, so those that have a high thermogenic affect our lean proteins. >> that includes chicken, proteins, egg whites, and nuts, plus vegetables and many forms, but take the easy con cards. >> they are low thermogenic foods, so it does not take the body much to digest them. >> increase in your sleep. and be mindful of little things you can do to burn more calories. >> even just anding than sitting is going to burn more calories. >> the goal is to get your body to work harder for you when you are hardly working. wbal tv 11 news. >> great advice. still ahead on abc 7 news at that damageate of to the salvation army store in cambridge. plus -- >> sequestration hits the department of defense. mickey, and another surprising departure from the morning r show morning 98ock. -- the morning show latebreaking., you are watching wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 with stan stovall and dan hamilton, -- and donna hamilton. the 5:00 p.m.s continues now. >> new tonight at 5:30, a day off without pay started for thousands of people who hold civilian jobs w
Jul 9, 2013 5:00pm EDT
during the worst of the recession. from the department of energy can direct consumers to the best place to get gas. click on save money and fuel been cast prices than local prices, then pick the state and city to find your station for the cheapest prices. speaking of fuel, fuel for the soul, twinkies are hitting the shelves next week. when they come back on july 15, hostess says the yellowcake will have a shelflife of 4045 days. that is almost read weeks longer -- three weeks longer. that decision was made by the previous owner, but the company went bankrupt before the longer- lasting takes debuted. hostess is taking steps to longerthe lifespan even with plans to deliver them to stores frozen, donna. 45 days. >> 45 days. you can enjoy the sounds and smells of the second annual caribbean festival this weekend. makes you want to dance, doesn't it? the festival teachers i went culture, handcrafted costumes, and wonderful treats. it is not just about the caribbean, it also baltimore city. >> i think it is important we have the community behind us. >> it's a great time. it
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2